Security Challenges in Zamfara State Threaten Farming Activities

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Many farmers in Zamfara State are expressing deep concerns and apprehensions as they face the possibility of not being able to engage in farming activities this year due to the prevailing security challenges in the state.

The escalating violence caused by banditry has instilled fear among the farming community, leaving their lands uncultivated and jeopardizing food production in the region.

Musa Garba, a farmer residing in the Maru Local Government area, shared his distressing account. In previous years, he managed to harvest over 100 bags of rice and 50 bags of millet annually.

However, this year, he made the heart-wrenching decision to refrain from planting his crops due to the constant threat posed by bandits who frequently roam the farmlands, targeting farmers for kidnappings or even fatal attacks.

Another farmer, Sani Musa, chose to take a chance and planted crops this year, hoping that the current administration would address the security issues urgently.

Unfortunately, his hopes were shattered as the bandits ravaged his crops, leaving him devastated and with a substantial loss.

The Punch newspaper, in its recent report, highlighted that the scale of the problem is immense, with more than 70 percent of farmlands in Zamfara State currently abandoned due to the pervasive fear of bandit attacks.

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