Farmers Voice NG partners Fombina Farm, CITAD to Host Sensitization Lecture for Farmers

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Farmers Voice NG in Partnership with Fombina Farm, Fombina Imprints, and the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) is set to host a One-Day Sensitization Lecture for Farmers, aimed at equipping farmers with essential knowledge and insights to enhance their farming practices and overall productivity.

The event is scheduled to hold on Sunday, 16th July 2023 at Bunkure Gabas Primary School, Bunkure LGA, Kano state.

The sensitization lecture which promises to be enlightening and empowering, will cover a wide range of topics relevant to modern-day farming techniques, market trends, sustainable agriculture, and innovative solutions to common challenges faced by farmers.

Renowned agricultural experts have been carefully selected to serve as panelists during the Sensitization Lecture. They will share their expertise and provide practical guidance to the attending farmers, ensuring that they leave the event with valuable insights and actionable strategies.

Among the esteemed panelists are Abdullahi Muhammad Babayaro, an accomplished FCAPT from Kano, who will contribute his wealth of knowledge and experience to the lecture.

Additionally, Engr. Ibrahim Abubakar, an irrigation engineer from the CDA training and research farm at BUK, will also be present to provide valuable insights and perspectives.

The Sensitization Lecture aims to keep farmers up to date with the latest advancements in agricultural practices.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about maximizing productivity, improving crop yields, and implementing sustainable farming techniques. The event will also promote eco-friendly approaches to farming, encouraging farmers to adopt practices that minimize environmental impact.

In addition to gaining knowledge, the lecture will serve as a platform for farmers to network with like-minded individuals, fostering an environment for idea exchange and experiences sharing.

Farmers at all levels, whether seasoned or just starting their farming journey, are encouraged to attend the event and take advantage of the valuable opportunities it offers.

The Chairman of the occasion, Engr. Yunusa Zakari Ya’u, the Director of CITAD, expressed his excitement about the event and emphasized the importance of equipping farmers with the necessary tools to succeed in today’s agricultural landscape.

The Sensitization Lecture will culminate in an interactive Q&A session, providing attendees with the chance to engage directly with the panelists and address any specific concerns or queries they may have.

Farmers Voice NG, Fombina Farm, Fombina Imprints, and CITAD are delighted to extend their invitation to farmers and farming enthusiasts to join this enlightening event. The Sensitization Lecture promises to be an enriching experience that will contribute to the growth and development of the farming community.

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