Chinese Firm To Empower Women, Improve Agriculture

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The Federal Ministry of Women Affairs (FMoWA), has partnered with Lima Machinery Company, a Chinese company, to improve mechanised farming practices in Nigeria.

This collaboration aims to empower women, enhance agri­cultural productivity, and generate revenue for farmers and the nation.

Mrs. Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, Minister of Women Affairs, who stated this in Abuja ,emphasised that the partnership will equip women with the necessary skills to boost agricultural output and increase their income.

“This endeavour will not only keep them engaged and produc­tive but also steer them away from criminal activities,” she stated.

The collaboration will focus on rice milling project and the provision of mechanised farming tools tailored to the needs of Nigerian farmers. These modern tools will streamline agricultural process­es, enabling farmers to produce more efficiently and profitably.

Minister Kennedy-Ohanenye further announced the devel­opment of a dedicated portal to connect farmers with buyers, distributors, sellers, advertisers, and marketers at both local and international levels.

This platform will facilitate seamless transactions and expand market reach for farmers. To address excess produce and ensure maximum gains for farmers, the partnership will establish hubs in each local government. These hubs will serve as warehouses and marketing centres, providing farmers with a convenient platform to sell their surplus produce.

Additionally, the hubs will feature butchering facilities equipped with packaging ma­chines and freezers. This infrastructure will enable the processing, packaging, and distribution of meat across the nation, leading to reduced food costs and increased profits for farmers. To demonstrate the government’s commitment to supporting women in agriculture, the ministry will distribute locally fabricated fish grilling machines to women across Nigeria. These machines have the capacity to grill 500 fish every two hours, powered by gas, biogas, or charcoal, significantly enhancing fish processing capabilities.

Mr. Gatsby Kang, Sales Manager of Lima Machinery Company, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We want to utilise our equipment to assist the local community through mechanisation, as technology can dramatically increase productivity and make a meaningful impact on their lives.”

He also highlighted the nutritional value of the animal feed that will be produced using the company’s machinery.

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