AFAN Urge Farmers To Embrace Biotechnology For Maximum Yield

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In order to boost food production in the country, the President of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria, Kabir Ibrahim, has urged farmers to embrace the use of biotechnology and mechanization as well as other innovations.

Kabir, who made this call during a press conference in Abuja in regard to the ‘National Agricultural Show’ starting from November, 20th-24th, noted that there is a need for Nigerian farmers to shore up food production to meet the demand of the nation’s rising population which is estimated by the United Nations to reach as high as 377 million by 2050.

In his words: “Food sufficiency is possible in Nigeria when we embrace some form of biotechnology, mechanization, and use science technology innovation.

“There are many misconceptions about genetically modified organisms (GMO) and I understand that there is no connection between GMOs and any disease. And I tell farmers that the best way out of poverty is through GMOs. Where a parcel of land produces 1 ton per hectare with biotechnology, you can produce up to 18 tons.

“If biotechnology is embraced by farmers, it will improve production optimally. Agriculture business is a private sector, the government is only expected to provide an enabling environment for them to thrive.”

Ibrahim further stressed the need for the government to address the issue of insecurity in the country, adding that food security for Nigeria means contending with and stemming insecurity for farmers to produce optimally.

Incessant attacks, he noted, against farmers across the country have led to increased cases of market disruptions and loss of livelihoods.

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